Michael Kors Purses

Michael Kors is a famous American fashion designer Michael Kors personal brand of the same name. Designer Michael Kors is a minimalist, his design style is simple and clear, like the use of advanced fabrics sewn clothing, cashmere knitting style is his forte, and also specializes in designing luxury sportswear, without departing from reality visionary love Paris, New York, with a unique design, has won the world’s attention. Michael Kors brand will be stylish, comfortable, sexy and sports wind together to create an elegant, casual, gorgeous charm.

In 1959, designer Michael Kors was born in Long Island, New York (Long Island), was born named Karl Anderson JR, five years old his mother remarried and changed its name to Michael Kors, mothers remarry The wedding is also selected according to Michael Kors recommended. He has won a cute little face for some companies to start advertising, and the mother therefore look forward to his son to have a bright show future. But Michael Kors in the process of shopping with Mom often found a passion for fashion. 10-year-old Michael Kors “Iron Butterfly” in the basement of the store began selling home-made batik printing T-shirts and leather vests.

In 1978, Michael Kors began studying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). After leaving there, he landed at Lothar’s the work of a designer and sales, where Michael Kors began to hone interpersonal skills and upper class people, such as singers Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand ). In this, he also learned what clothing women want most. In 1981, the New York boutique department store Bergdorf Goodman learned that this young talents, will be under the orders, this is Michael Kors brand began.

Michael Kors brand maintained a low profile in the 1980s, despite the strong support of the group of loyal customers, but do not jump to the Donna Karan (Donna Karen) and CK (Calvin Klein) on a kind of throne. In the early 1990s, Michael Kors brand suddenly popular small business into a big business. But quit in 1993 when the Italian designer, brand, but it nearly went bankrupt. Grunge Wind (posters compiled code Note: A casual, deliberately a bit dirty style) scraping, Michael Kors brand brings the rain, they glow with vitality.

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