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About this michael kors bags comments:

Agatha:I love this watch! It fits in with a lot of items in my day-to-day wardrobe. And its chunky size adds a little bit of edge to is conservative in style. Worth every penny!
Emily:I knew it was a huge watch and all my friends have it but then when i got it, it was so freaking large. My first reaction was that I have to return ASAP. I put it away then I decided to look at it, and vola, it looked a bit better, i put on an equipment shirt and a pair of J Brands and it looked amazing. I instantly fell in love with it. My advice, dont react immediately to it, let it grow on you, you will be surprised.
Elma:I love this watch much, it has trendy style & the color is so attractive when wearing on my hand. This is my 2nd Michael Kor watches, still surprising.
Elma:The face of this watch is VERY big! I went back and forth about whether to keep it or not cos it’s that big, but decided to keep it. It’s a statement watch and doesnt require any other jewelry which i like. It’s not really an every day watch.

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